Do You Love the Tropical Islands Around the World? Would You Love to Decorate Your Home With It?

So when I started looking into the history of Hawaii and Polynesia I was drawn to the art and culture of the people that arrived there 1500 years ago. They were fishermen farmers architects carvers of canoes and more.

The first people to colonize Hawaii were skilled navigators. They sailed double-hulled canoes across thousands of miles zeroing in on tiny islands in the center of the Pacific. They packed their vessels with food plants medicine tools and animals: everything necessary for building a new life.

Mother Nature carved out verdant valleys, brilliant rainbows in the sky, and sandy beaches in a spectrum of colors. The indigenous Hawaiian culture embodies the “spirit of aloha” Easy-going generosity that takes the shape of monumental feasts shared with friends and family and hypnotic Hawaiian melodies played late into the night.

Leis are one of the nicest ways to say hello, goodbye,, congratulations my sympathies are with you, or I love you. Giving leis is a historic custom: According to chants the first lei was given by pineapples the sister of the volcano goddess Pele. Hiiaka presented Pele with a lei of lehua blossoms on a beach in Puna. The presentation of a kiss with a lei didn’t come about until World War II; it’s generally attributed to an entertainer who kissed an officer on a dare then quickly presented him with her lei saying it was an old Hawaiian custom. It wasn’t then but it sure caught on fast.

Visitors are drawn to Hawaii not only for its incredible beauty also for its opportunities for adventure. Gaze into that fiery volcano snorkel and swim in a sea of rainbow-colored fish. Tee off on a stunning golf course hike through a rainforest to hidden waterfalls and kayak into the deep end of the ocean where whales leap out of the water. You’ll discover that life moves at an unhurried pace here. Doses of sun and sea allow both body and mind to recharge.

Religion, farming, fishing weather prediction out-rigger canoe (catamarans) construction and navigation were highly developed skills because the population of an entire island depended on them. Trading of both luxuries and mundane items was important to all groups.

The Islands are well known for the Dole pineapples sugar cane Kona coffee Plantations, bright colored paintings tiki sculptures surf themed products carved wood sea shells tropical birds boats Hawaiian clothing and much more!

If you have never visited a Polynesian Island you will be missing out on an adventure of a life time. Bring tropical decor home with you to remind you of the Islands. Add a visit to your bucket list you will not be disappointed!

Connie T has always loved her trips to the Hawaiian and Polynesian Islands. She loves sharing her tropical decor plus with people all over the world Browse her selection now.

Home Decor – Family With Dogs

We were finally ready for a dog in our home. We researched different breeds to match our lifestyle. We both wanted a big dog with a gentle disposition, and, as we looked through the pictures of the different breeds, one caught our attention. Bernese Mountain Dogs are beautiful, big and sweet-natured. This was what our new “baby” was to be! After meeting with the breeder, and a bit of a wait, we brought home our little fella, Dante.

We were very happy to have a vinyl kitchen floor during potty training. Although he was quick to learn, he was after all a puppy. Vinyl floors are durable and very easy to keep clean. This was also a blessing because Dante had no idea how to wipe his feet during the rainy summer days.

We also learned that baby gates were not just for human babies. Because the rest of the house had mostly carpeting, we felt a gate was just what was needed. This saved on a lot of extra carpet cleaning, which is not my favorite chore.

For the first several months I wondered why everyone talked so much about this breed shedding so much. I hadn’t noticed much at all. Well, as our cute little fluff ball grew, and he gained about ten pounds a month, I began to notice a little change in that situation. Little by little there began to be little fluffy tumbleweeds in the corners of his domain. Soon the little fluffy fur balls were requiring daily broom attention. Eventually it became obvious that a vacuum was the only way to keep those floating clouds of fur from outrunning my broom. First I tried a little cleaning upright vacuum. Just charge it up and go! Only I found that I could empty the canister several times before I was done and the charge was gone before the fur was.

Well, if that little upright was not working out for me, I decided to move on to my old faithful canister vacuum that had disposable bags and an electric cord. It was great! There was no recharging mid-job, the bag could hold all the fur that puppy of ours could shed. I still had to make use of it daily, but it worked like a charm. Dante didn’t mind the noise, and didn’t chew the cord. He didn’t even seem to wonder where his fur was going. I didn’t mind his shedding since I had figured out an effective remedy for the flying fur. Somewhere in the back of my mind I may have thought “What was it they said about going through a vacuum every year or two?”

5 Reasons to Hire a Certified Kitchen Designer

The kitchen is ideally said to be the hearth of the home and it is much more than just a space to cook and dine. If you are considering something more than just some apparent changes or are designing an entirely new kitchen, a certified designer can make the most of the space by the incorporation of beauty, functionality and efficiency. Here are some vital reasons to appoint a certified kitchen designer for your kitchen. Just read on to know more.

Go Beyond Beauty – Once you hire a certified designer you can rest assured that your kitchen will go much beyond the looks. You have to balance both the aesthetic and the functional elements of the kitchen. These two things often come in conflict with each other and that is why only professionals can ensure that both the aspects harmonise in a unique way. Your designer will interview you to know the cooking habits you have, your sense of style, the number of cooks you allow and your storage habits. On the basis of that your kitchen will be designed to suit every need of yours.
Be Benefitted from Experience – A certified kitchen designer has years of experience in planning a new remodelled kitchen with specific needs in the mind. This can turn out to be highly beneficial for your kitchen. The greater the experience the better it is for you. As this way, your needs can be catered to in a more specific way.
Gain Inside Information – A kitchen designer delves into redesigning your kitchen in the best possible way. The designers have relationships with many product fabricators to customise your kitchen design. As the kitchen designer works on kitchens every day, he or she has may know resources that you are not aware of. In order personalise your kitchen, the designer has personal relationships with many fabricators. Thus, you kitchen becomes the true expression of your choices.
Save Money – When you hire a kitchen designer, he or she helps you to save a lot of money. You can ask your designer about how money can be saved in case of appliances, cabinetry and countertops. You will be pleasantly surprised at the choices of products and designs that you will receive to keep your budget in check. According to the designers, creativity can be expressed in the best way possible.
Get Attention to Detail – There is much more to a kitchen than just choosing the right floor, great sink, countertop materials and cabinetry. A great kitchen consists of window placement, lighting, electrical, plumbing, heating, venting and many other mechanical issues. Your kitchen designer has experience in working around these pieces of the kitchen puzzle.
The above are some of the benefits that you get by appointing a certified designer for implementing fitted kitchens designs ideas to rejuvenate your kitchen and give it a whole new look. You will understand the difference once you appoint a professional who will be able to customize your kitchen just the way you want without making a dent in your pocket.

Some Tips on Purchasing the Useful and Beautiful Discount Cabinets

There are several things available that an individual must know before placing their order to buy cupboards for their house. This type of breakfronts can cost quite less, but as a matter of fact, they can come with the large variety. So, choosing the best one can be a little difficult, and this problem is not so easy to solve. So, this type of problem can be avoided by only gaining some knowledge about the sideboards or cupboards before placing your order to buy it.

An overview on the cabinets

The finest deal on the discount cabinets for an average person is actually ready to assemble some products. They are assembled partially at the manufacturing store, and they are shipped ready to install it in your house. Basically, the initial installation process like putting the doors and attaching all those items to the wall will then have to be done.

Precisely, the ready to assemble products cost almost half of the budget rather than the regular price. They will actually involve fewer assemblies or less assembly charge. So, while going to place your order to buy this product you have to make sure that you check the product properly either it is assembled or partially assembled.

A particular way to save your money, as well as time, is to place your order for the finished cupboards. It will come along with the paint finish or additional finish on them. It may cost quite a little, but as a matter of fact, it can easily save both of your money and time on the particular installation process. Though the unfinished products will be quite cheaper than the finished ones if you order the unfinished products for your house you have to put extra effort behind it. And as a matter of fact, the complete installation process may charge a lot.

Things to consider before purchasing it

A reliable piece of advice is to find out what all the items are actually made of every time. Numerous kitchen cupboards out there contain two distinct constructions such as the exterior that are actually covered with the hardwood and an interior. The interior is the particular area of the cupboards used for storing goods. The interior must be made of the plywood than the pressboard because of that plywood last longer and stronger as well. The pressboard is the cheaper material, which will fall apart earlier.

This is also a good suggestion that you must check the material while going to but this. The discount cabinets come with cheaper as well as high-quality material. So, while going to select the cupboards always make sure that you are dealing with the reliable as well as great material products. If your house looks vintage-type then try to purchase the traditional cupboard otherwise you can go with the contemporary cupboards.

The cupboards will sometimes be just made of inexpensive materials like lamination and pressboard. The hardwood dressers usually last longer and also need simple less maintenance; the real wood products can also enhance the absolute value to your home.

And the final piece of advice when you are placing your order for the sideboards and dresser then always asks about the proper delivery costs. Several shipping companies are there that charge a lot so try to avoid them. As a matter of fact, if you place your order in any online store then check the complete instruction properly.