Do You Love the Tropical Islands Around the World? Would You Love to Decorate Your Home With It?

So when I started looking into the history of Hawaii and Polynesia I was drawn to the art and culture of the people that arrived there 1500 years ago. They were fishermen farmers architects carvers of canoes and more.

The first people to colonize Hawaii were skilled navigators. They sailed double-hulled canoes across thousands of miles zeroing in on tiny islands in the center of the Pacific. They packed their vessels with food plants medicine tools and animals: everything necessary for building a new life.

Mother Nature carved out verdant valleys, brilliant rainbows in the sky, and sandy beaches in a spectrum of colors. The indigenous Hawaiian culture embodies the “spirit of aloha” Easy-going generosity that takes the shape of monumental feasts shared with friends and family and hypnotic Hawaiian melodies played late into the night.

Leis are one of the nicest ways to say hello, goodbye,, congratulations my sympathies are with you, or I love you. Giving leis is a historic custom: According to chants the first lei was given by pineapples the sister of the volcano goddess Pele. Hiiaka presented Pele with a lei of lehua blossoms on a beach in Puna. The presentation of a kiss with a lei didn’t come about until World War II; it’s generally attributed to an entertainer who kissed an officer on a dare then quickly presented him with her lei saying it was an old Hawaiian custom. It wasn’t then but it sure caught on fast.

Visitors are drawn to Hawaii not only for its incredible beauty also for its opportunities for adventure. Gaze into that fiery volcano snorkel and swim in a sea of rainbow-colored fish. Tee off on a stunning golf course hike through a rainforest to hidden waterfalls and kayak into the deep end of the ocean where whales leap out of the water. You’ll discover that life moves at an unhurried pace here. Doses of sun and sea allow both body and mind to recharge.

Religion, farming, fishing weather prediction out-rigger canoe (catamarans) construction and navigation were highly developed skills because the population of an entire island depended on them. Trading of both luxuries and mundane items was important to all groups.

The Islands are well known for the Dole pineapples sugar cane Kona coffee Plantations, bright colored paintings tiki sculptures surf themed products carved wood sea shells tropical birds boats Hawaiian clothing and much more!

If you have never visited a Polynesian Island you will be missing out on an adventure of a life time. Bring tropical decor home with you to remind you of the Islands. Add a visit to your bucket list you will not be disappointed!

Connie T has always loved her trips to the Hawaiian and Polynesian Islands. She loves sharing her tropical decor plus with people all over the world Browse her selection now.